I have such a sentimental attachment to these favors, I knew I had to have them. I’m Italian, and as a little girl I always thought these candies were the best thing about weddings, christenings, and the like.  

I decided to make these myself because most of the sites selling them pre-made used really tacky netting/ribbon or are incredibly overpriced. If you make these with one other person helping, it takes about 2 hours and supplies cost ~$60 for 100 favors. 

What you need:

  • A bag of Jordan almonds. I used up a 5-lb bag on 100 favors.
  • Some ribbon.  3/8” is the best thickness for tying on a bow. 
  • Tulle.  It’s super inexpensive, and most fabric and craft stores carry it.
  • A rotary cutter.  Trust me, this will save so much time, it’s worth the $12. 


How to:

  1. Find a piece of round tupperware in your kitchen that’s approx 6” in diameter at the opening.  That size circle will hold 5 almonds.  
  2. Fold up the tulle into a rectangle (or if you have individual small pieces, stack them).  Place the opening of the bowl on the tulle and trace around it with the rotary cutter (do this on a clean, hard surface such as a plastic cutting board - rotary cutters are sharp!)  If you do this right, one go-around with the cutter should give you multiple circles.  
  3. Place 5 almonds in the center of one of the circular pieces of tulle. Gather up the tulle around them and twist so that the almonds are in a little pouch of tulle.  
  4. Tie approx 8” of ribbon around the twisted part of the tulle.  It’s actually easier if someone else holds the little pouch while you tie the ribbon.    

And that’s it!  I’ll update with some photos of the finished product soon. 

Update: here they are displayed in some of the silver we collected, with a little card explaining the tradition.


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