Everyone has something they’re kind of willing to skimp on during the wedding-planning process.  Paper was that thing for me - I was totally fine with doing a basic printed invitation.

That was not OK with FDH. He cares a lot about typography and color, so I agreed to turn the paper-goods part of this shindig over to him.  He had his heart set on letterpress, but the price of a 3-color invitation started at ~$5.00/piece. So we came up with a hack to bring the price down…one that actually wound up helping us find a design concept for our whole wedding: the rubber stamp

rubber stamp letterpress

The base invitation: FDH created a simple single-color design in Illustrator with a vertical layout and elegant typography.  (If you aren’t comfortable with doing your own design, there are many Etsy sellers who make templates.)

Then we found a printer: Mercurio Brothers.  They are fantastic and by far the most reasonably priced. You send them a PDF, select paper weight and details, and turnaround time is typically 7-14 days. 

The rubber stamps: Use a vector graphics program to design simple, iconic images, then convert them to PNG to maintain high resolution. If you aren’t an artist, Iconfinder.com or sites like Shutterstock have plenty to choose from…stick with something simple because fine lines will bleed during the stamping process. Your monogram is a great choice. We used lips and a ‘stache, because DFH actually had a mustache for the first few months we were dating. (Not super original, but very “us”)  

After you have your image(s), send the file off to thestampmaker.com, and the stamps arrive ~5 days later.   

Buy some high-quality ink in your wedding colors - check Michael’s or eBay - and practice stamping on some looseleaf first. You’ll make some mistakes with the first few, so order slightly more invitations than you absolutely need. The trick is not to press too hard.

Here are our finished invitations: 

rubber stamp letterpress

This project really was a lot of fun. I loved how our invitations were formal but still personalized and fun.  And as I said above, we ultimately took our stamping a bit further and created an entire relationship icon set that we used in our programs and placecards.  I’ll get a blog post up about that sometime soon…

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